Month: September 2016

10 reasons why you have to spend your next holiday in Croatia

Villa Ana Bol, Brac, Croatia
  1. Food

Try burek with cheese or meat at a bakery or get it from the supermarket. If you like octopus, have a black risotto. A more savoury dish is cevapcici with chips and ajvar.

  1. Small islands

I mentioned already in one of my articles before that Croatia’s islands can also be called the European Maledives. Visit Brač, Hvar or any other island. Every city has beautiful islands around.

Villa Ana Bol, Brac, Croatia, Fasten Ur Seatbelts

  1. Nature

Don’t miss one of the two famous national parks, Plitvice Lake or Krka, when you are in Zadar or Split. Adriatic4You offers great trips to both parks.

Adiatic4you Fasten Ur Seatbelts Krak National Park

  1. Prices

Croatia is not as expensive as other summer destinations in Europe. Restaurants are much cheaper as well as supermarkets.

  1. Uber

Croatia has Uber since a few months, which is totally awesome!! Heading from one place to the other costs almost the same as taking the bus. A ride, which takes about 10 minutes costs about 5€. So don’t forget to download the app before your trip.

  1. People

Croatians are very nice. You do not have to be afraid if you travel alone. I have been on my own and I always felt safe!

Sailing Croatia Split

  1. Sunsets

You must have seen at least one sunset in Croatia. Zadar’s sunset at the sea organs is very famous but you could also enjoy it on a sunset sailing trip or even just at the beach.

Opcija Tour Sailing split trip day

  1. Activities

I promise you that you will never get bored in Croatia. There are so many activities offered such as hiking, biking, riding, sailing, water sports, day trips and many more.

Opcija Tour Sailing split trip day

  1. Game of Thrones

All Game of Thrones fans have the opportunity to see where their favourite TV show was taken. Walk through King’s Landing and think yourself back in the time of the show.

Dubrovnik Old City Historical City

  1. Lovely family-run apartments

My last stop was in Mlini, which is a 10 min drive away from Dubrovnik. Villa Mlini has lovely apartments and double rooms next to the beach. I really loved the little and comfortable balcony with sea view.

My room was very clean and I slept well in the big bed. The owners are very nice and will always help you if you need anything.

In addition, Mlini is not overloaded with tourists and you have so many little beaches close to Villa Mlini. Although, Mlini is a much smaller place at the coast than Dubrovnik, you will find many places to eat and a supermarket. I recommend to take the ferry to Dubrovnik instead of taking the bus. It takes about 15 minutes longer but you will have a wonderful time on the boat with a stunning view. At the beaches in Mlini, you will find many places to rent a boat, kayak, paddleboat or to do any water activities.

Do you wanna see MORE than the others in Dubrovnik?

Hotel More Dubrovnik Lapad

Dubrovnik, the place of old history, narrow alleys, beautiful panorama and Games of Thrones fans.  During the summer, most of the places in Dubrovnik are very crowded and you can only move slowly through the city. Therefore, I have the following tips for you!

  1. Stay a bit outside the centre

Hotel More is situated in Lapad, which is just 3.5 km away from Dubrovnik’s downtown. The five-star hotel has plenty opportunities to relax in it and in the surrounding area.

You will not starve if you spend one day at the hotel’s beach. The private beach is located at the Cave bar, which serves great cocktails and food. In the evening, the Cave bar looks fascinating with its decorative stone wall and lounge furniture.

Hotel More Dubrovnik Lapad Cave Bar

For those who prefer to stay at the pool, you will find a pool at the fifth floor with a whirlpool bath.

Restaurant More offers not just a delicious breakfast in the morning but also lunch and dinner.

Breakfast Hotel More Dubrovnik Lapad Cave Bar

I could have stayed in my comfortable bed the whole day if the breakfast would not have been so tasty.

As I like doing sports during my holidays, I was glad about the gym in the hotel and the wellness area for chilling out afterwards.

  1. Swim against the stream

Visit Dubrovnik’s old town early in the morning so that you can enjoy it and avoid the crowds. If you cannot make it that early try not to go to the main attractions such as the city wall. If you walk to the cable railway around the city walls, you will have a great view above it, too. Additionally, you do not have to pay around 15€ for walking on the city wall.

Dubrovnik Old City Historical City

  1. Make a reservation for dinner

It is hard to get a place at the good places in the evening. So make a reservation to avoid seeking for a good spot.

  1. Take a cruise to the islands around

Don’t miss the beautiful islands around Dubrovnik. You can book a tour almost everywhere in the centre.

  1. Take a picture with the lovely parrots

It only costs 3 Euro, which is definitely worth it to take a picture with the parrots in the city centre. You will find the parrots around 200m after the main entrance.

Dubrovnik Old City Historical City

Brač, the European Maldives!

Villa Ana Bol, Brac, Croatia, Fasten Ur Seatbelts

The island, Brač, can be easily reached from Split with the ferry, which takes around 50 minutes. This guide will help you to plan your annual family holiday, a romantic getaway or even a trip with friends.

Where to stay?

Bol can be very crowded during the season. To get away from all the tourists, stay at one of Villa Ana’s apartments. Pero and Marin, the two brothers, are very kind and friendly. Bol’s center is only 5 minutes away by foot. Two hidden beaches in front of the Dominican Monastery are only 250 meters away from Villa Ana Bol. For those, who are not into salty water, can relax at Villa Ana’s pool.

What to do?

  1. Don’t miss the seafront promenade with its lovely little shops offering souvenirs, food and accessory. The promenade takes you from the center to the famous beach Zlatni Rat.
  2. Zlatni Rat beach is known as the most beautiful beach in croatia. Its v-shape and clear blue water makes it really special and unique. Zaltni Rat Beach
  3. If you are at Zlatni Rat beach, you definitely have to go to the aqua park, called Wibit. It is great fun for old and young. Wibit Aqua Park Bol
  4. You wanna find Nemo? Then visit Big Blue Diving to explore the underwater world! Villa Ana Bol, Brac, Croatia, Big blue diving
  5. Try the Croatian cuisine at Center Marijan. The black risotto is very delicious!!!

Sail away with Opcija Tours!

Opcija Tour Sailing split trip day

You wanna get away from the tourist places in Split and relax for a day? If so, the sailing tour offered by Opcija Tours is just the right thing for you!

Opcija Tour Sailing split trip day

I have been part of the Mrduja Regatta, which is one of the oldest regattas in Europe.  All ships have to turn around an island called Mrduja Regatta and sail back to Split within a specific time frame. The race is 22 nautical miles long. Unfortunately, we had no wind for the first five hours and rarely moved. But it was still fun! Damir and Glorian entertained us, spoiled us with good wine & food and made us feel comfortable.

During the trip, you’ll come along islands and beautiful cities at the coast. The fantastic scenery let your dreams sail away… During the summer, you can jump into the water to cool off.

Don’t forget…

  • To wear the right shoes. You should not wear flip flops for example because it will be quite slippery on the boat.
  • To bring water, sun creme, a towel and sun glasses on a hot day.
  • To be on the boat on time in the morning. If you are late, it will be gone.
  • To take a pill if you are sensitive to boat movements.

Opcija Tour Sailing split trip day

Where to stay?

101 Dalmatinac Design Hostel is an affordable accommodation close to the city center. It perfectly suits larger groups or even if you just need a fresh double room. The modern design offers a chill-out atmosphere for everyone from around the world.

Skandika 101 dalmatinac hostel split

Beautiful, more beautiful, Krka national park

Adiatic4you Fasten Ur Seatbelts Krak National Park

My day could not have started any better. 4coffee soul food served me the best latte with vanilla flavor. A bakery is just 100m away from the coffee shop.

Luckily, both shops are only 5 minutes walking distance from the pick up station for the Krka & Sibenik tour offered by Adriatic4you.

Adiatic4you Split

Darijo welcomed each of us very friendly, entertained us immensely during the bus ride and informed us about what we will see during the day. Our first stop was up the hill to take pictures of the fascinating panorama of Split.

Split panorama

Then we headed to the Krka national park. I cannot even describe what I have seen. Everything in the park is so magnificent and the waterfall is amazing. I haven’t seen something like that before. So pretty! Even though we were 29 people from around the world, Darijo made us all feel that we belong together, lead us through the park and let us know about all the important facts of the park. After the great tour through the park, we had a two hours break and could go for a swim or have lunch at the restaurant.

In the afternoon, we drove to Sibenik, which is with Primosten the most adorable places I have seen around Split. If you want to spend your holidays around Split, you have to stay at those places. Sibenik has a lovely little city centre. At vino&ino, I had a Hugo and relaxed for a bit before we were going back to town. You should not sleep on your way back because the drive home is also stunning. You will see so many islands and the coastline.




TOP activities in Zadar

Horse riding with Zzuum

Zadar Walking Tour

I would not have found out so much about Zadar if I haven’t had the Zadar Walking Tour with Sime. He actually took us to the past and showed us places we would have never seen without him or did you know that one café in Zadar has a church inside or that a bank is located in a church? We did not just see Zadar’s beautiful churches such as church of St. Donat or Zadar cathedral but also Zadar’s city gate and the famous sea organs. Let Sime explain to you why Zadar’s city gate is about love, where you will find the best cheese, fruits and Zadar Maraschino.

Horse riding with Zzuum

One afternoon, I went horse riding, which was really exciting! I met Marina in the city centre and we drove with an e-scooter only a few kilometers away from Zadar city centre. I could decide if I want to ride through the forest, fields or even along the sea to enjoy the beautiful panorama. But for the first time I decided to stay at the fields. The horse, Lady, was really brave and calm. Marina is a great & wonderful guide! She knows loads of hidden places and loves her job. I will never forget the experience! If you would like to ride a horse, rent a bike or experience unique moments then you should book a tour with Zzuum.

Horse riding with Zzuum


Pet Bunara is a lovely place for having a tasty lunch or dinner. I had noodles with truffles and a white wine.

Pet Bunara

Another delightful restaurant is the Garden Lounge, which offers healthy and vegan food. The view from the bar/restaurant is gigantic and the atmosphere is really comfortable.

If you want to spend a day in a beach bar with comfy chairs or sun beds, you should go to Beach Bar Bamboo. The atmosphere, the food and drinks are great! The prices are great, too!  A beach is right in front and next to the bar.

If you are looking for a place to stay, have a look here!