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Horse riding with Zzuum

Zadar Walking Tour

I would not have found out so much about Zadar if I haven’t had the Zadar Walking Tour with Sime. He actually took us to the past and showed us places we would have never seen without him or did you know that one café in Zadar has a church inside or that a bank is located in a church? We did not just see Zadar’s beautiful churches such as church of St. Donat or Zadar cathedral but also Zadar’s city gate and the famous sea organs. Let Sime explain to you why Zadar’s city gate is about love, where you will find the best cheese, fruits and Zadar Maraschino.

Horse riding with Zzuum

One afternoon, I went horse riding, which was really exciting! I met Marina in the city centre and we drove with an e-scooter only a few kilometers away from Zadar city centre. I could decide if I want to ride through the forest, fields or even along the sea to enjoy the beautiful panorama. But for the first time I decided to stay at the fields. The horse, Lady, was really brave and calm. Marina is a great & wonderful guide! She knows loads of hidden places and loves her job. I will never forget the experience! If you would like to ride a horse, rent a bike or experience unique moments then you should book a tour with Zzuum.

Horse riding with Zzuum


Pet Bunara is a lovely place for having a tasty lunch or dinner. I had noodles with truffles and a white wine.

Pet Bunara

Another delightful restaurant is the Garden Lounge, which offers healthy and vegan food. The view from the bar/restaurant is gigantic and the atmosphere is really comfortable.

If you want to spend a day in a beach bar with comfy chairs or sun beds, you should go to Beach Bar Bamboo. The atmosphere, the food and drinks are great! The prices are great, too!  A beach is right in front and next to the bar.

If you are looking for a place to stay, have a look here!

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