Blue Palace Crete, A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa

Jul 19, 2022
Crete has developed some great modern and luxurious hotel resorts in recent years. If you think of Crete as the classic package holiday, you’re out

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The Cretan Malia Park Hotel – Holidays in Style

Jul 17, 2022
In February, we were finally able to embark on a long-planned trip to Crete. The five-star rated, Cretan Malia Park Hotel, on the beautiful Greek

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Fasten Ur Seatbelts, Mykonos, Greece, Cavo Tagoo, Hotel, Cavo Tagoo Mykonos

Good Vibes & Tan Lines

Nov 5, 2017
If you love the luxurious lifestyle, the discerning nightlife, and the stunning natural beauty, Mykonos is the perfect Greek island for you. While Santorini is famous

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Fasten Ur Seatbelts, Santorini, Greece, Oia, Fira

8 Top Secret things to do in Santorini

Oct 26, 2017
In general, the Greek islands are all individual and with their own peculiarities. Did you know that there are about 3080 Greek islands? Santorini is

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Island hooping in Greece – Santorini, Greece’s most popular island!

Jul 5, 2016
It took me about three hours to get to Santorini from Naxos. I did not even notice how time flew by. Santorini’s sublime scenery impressed

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Paros Old Town

Island hooping in Greece – Paros & Antiparos

Jul 2, 2016
It took me about 45 minutes with the ferry to get from Naxos to Paros. I planned to stay at Paros for one day. Where to

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Naxos Portara

Island hooping in Greece – Naxos’s wonderful nature

Jul 1, 2016
How I got here? As you maybe have already read, my last trip was to Mykonos. The ferry from Mykonos to Naxos costs about 14€. It has

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Island hooping in Greece – First stop: Mykonos

Jun 28, 2016
Where to stay? Angelika Apartments and Studios are located really close to the city center. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes to get there by foot.

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