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Do you wanna see MORE than the others in Dubrovnik?

Hotel More Dubrovnik Lapad

Dubrovnik, the place of old history, narrow alleys, beautiful panorama and Games of Thrones fans.  During the summer, most of the places in Dubrovnik are very crowded and you can only move slowly through the city. Therefore, I have the following tips for you!

  1. Stay a bit outside the centre

Hotel More is situated in Lapad, which is just 3.5 km away from Dubrovnik’s downtown. The five-star hotel has plenty opportunities to relax in it and in the surrounding area.

You will not starve if you spend one day at the hotel’s beach. The private beach is located at the Cave bar, which serves great cocktails and food. In the evening, the Cave bar looks fascinating with its decorative stone wall and lounge furniture.

Hotel More Dubrovnik Lapad Cave Bar

For those who prefer to stay at the pool, you will find a pool at the fifth floor with a whirlpool bath.

Restaurant More offers not just a delicious breakfast in the morning but also lunch and dinner.

Breakfast Hotel More Dubrovnik Lapad Cave Bar

I could have stayed in my comfortable bed the whole day if the breakfast would not have been so tasty.

As I like doing sports during my holidays, I was glad about the gym in the hotel and the wellness area for chilling out afterwards.

  1. Swim against the stream

Visit Dubrovnik’s old town early in the morning so that you can enjoy it and avoid the crowds. If you cannot make it that early try not to go to the main attractions such as the city wall. If you walk to the cable railway around the city walls, you will have a great view above it, too. Additionally, you do not have to pay around 15€ for walking on the city wall.

Dubrovnik Old City Historical City

  1. Make a reservation for dinner

It is hard to get a place at the good places in the evening. So make a reservation to avoid seeking for a good spot.

  1. Take a cruise to the islands around

Don’t miss the beautiful islands around Dubrovnik. You can book a tour almost everywhere in the centre.

  1. Take a picture with the lovely parrots

It only costs 3 Euro, which is definitely worth it to take a picture with the parrots in the city centre. You will find the parrots around 200m after the main entrance.

Dubrovnik Old City Historical City