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The Best Christmas Gifts for Travelers

Only a few days until Christmas and quite possibly you must be missing a gift for your loved ones. There is nothing more beautiful than to make someone happy. The feeling is almost more beautiful than being given a gift yourself.

Just like every year, you wonder what you can give to your friends or family. I have put together a small list of gift ideas for those who enjoy traveling with your loved ones. Maybe someone of you is going to travel next year, so this might come in handy.

First Class Organization

A simple gift that I have been using for years is – cable bag. Finally, I no longer have to look for the mobile phone charging cable, the headphones or the USB charging cable in my pocket. At first, I thought I didn’t need this bag anyway. But now I don’t go on a journey without it.

In addition, I can only recommend a memory card case. It’s an important gift, after all, for the travelers who shoot countless pictures.

You can get both the cable bag and memory card case under 10€ and can be sure that nobody has this gift yet.

A Photo says More than a Thousand Words!

Every Christmas, my friends and family get a photo calendar from me with our best travel moments from the past year. Meanwhile, I am reminded weeks before Christmas that everyone would be very happy about the personalized gift again.

At the end of the year, I always give myself a calendar with the most beautiful moments I have experienced in the year.

If you don’t want to give away a calendar as a gift, you can, of course, also use other photo products. How about a photo book or your favourite skyline on a canvas? You will find a great selection of photo gifts at MEINFOTO.

Sweet Dreams

This year I forgot my inflatable neck pillow on a plane during a trip. An absolute nightmare! I don’t fly long distances without my neck pillow. Make your loved ones happy and give them pure relaxation on the way to your dream destination.


How often have you forgotten a travel adapter in the past or haven’t had the right one with you? It has happened to me countless times in the past until I was given the travel adapter that works in 150 countries. An inconspicuous gift that brings a lot of joy and a little bit of carelessness. The recipient does not have to worry about enough electricity in the future.

Unless he needs several battery charges at the same time.

But often, there is only one socket or only one travel adapter. What then? No problem! Because I have the solution: A USB charger with several ports. With my USB charger, I charge my smartphone, headphones, camera and iPad at the same time, so that I can fully start the next day on my journey again.

Special Travel Gifts

Of course, there is no upper limit on giving them! If you want to have a “big” joy, every travel enthusiast will be happy about having headphones, luggage or, undoubtedly, a camera for capturing those unforgettable moments.

A journey always begins with a flight, car or train. To reduce the time, almost everyone listens to music, podcast or watches a film. Without headphones, you won’t get far, because you don’t want to disturb your fellow travellers.

My faithful companions are my Apple Earpods because they don’t weigh much, are handy and small. Not to forget, of course, the great sound.

My Earpods have their own compartment in my stylish and unique Douchebags backpack! I never travel without it. The best part is that they really go with everything.

If you are going on an adventure trip, I recommend the Hook Up System from Douchebags. In the Hugger 30L and the Big Bastard 90L, you can easily take everything with you on a journey and still look cool.

If your destination is a bit fancy, I would always consider a RIMOWA suitcase. I tried 2x a different brand, and they only kept me for 2 months. With my RIMOWA suitcases, I have been travelling for years and am always very satisfied.

The great equipment and the unique moments should, of course, be captured with a camera and its usage always depends on the purpose. For many people, a small, user-friendly digital camera is enough. If you are interested in my photographic equipment, you can have a look at my article about my equipment.

I hope that there is something in it for some of you and that you or your loved ones can enjoy it. Enjoy the holidays and come well into the New Year!

Low budget breakfast & stay in Munich

Motel One, München, Städtetrip, Motel One Deutsches Museum, Munich

Munich is known as a costly holiday stay, but it doesn’t have to be. You can get the most out of your vacation with a low, holiday budget. I always say that nothing is impossible! How? You need to know the right place to stay at and what to do!

Where to stay?

Motel One at the German museum in Munich, offers the greatest service, quality, and location for a trip to Munich. The rooms are fresh, modern, and comfortable. You will not miss anything in your room. The prices start from 79€ per night.

Actually, it was the first hotel in which employees worked with a tablet to order a taxi or to register you for breakfast. I liked the innovative attitude. Before I arrived at Motel One, I was told that the breakfast is not the best, so I did not  have high expectations. When I arrived at the stylish breakfast hall, I was more than impressed! Motel One’s bio breakfast buffet tastes heavenly.

Motel One, München, Städtetrip, Motel One Deutsches Museum, MunichThe healthy morning meal costs only 9,50€ and externals can have the breakfast, too. You won’t find such a tasty breakfast with unlimited coffee, water and juices. It doesn’t matter at which Motel One hotel you are; you always get the same fantastic breakfast for the same price. So try it yourself in your city or if you have booked a hotel without breakfast!

What to do during Christmas time?

Since I went to Munich during December, I had to visit Christmas Markets. If you are in Munich for the first time, you have to visit the Christmas Market at Marienplatz, which is the centre and main shopping area of Munich. Admire the big Christmas tree and the wonderful town hall.

Marienplatz München, Munich

Another delightful Christmas market is the “Schwabinger Weihnachtsmarkt”. It is smaller than the one at Marienplatz but very cosy. The prices are also fair and the food is tasty! Try a Glühwein and an apple strudel with vanilla sauce. Hot cocktails are also yummy! You can either visit the Christmas markets during the day or around 4 pm. It won’t be dark around that time but if you stay until 5pm, you will see the Christmas markets during day and night-time. Have a look here for all Christmas Markets in Munich.

Where to eat?

All brew houses offer food at an affordable price but don’t visit the expensive ones around Marienplatz. They are only for tourists. Personally, I like all Augustiner breweries. Especially, the one in Arnulfstraße. In the morning, you have to try a Bavarian veal sausage and in the evening try a hock. My absolute favorite restaurant in Munich is “Neuhauser”. It just got refurbished and enlarged. You will find the best and biggest pizza, at restaurant Neuhauser. If you order a pizza ask for the garlic oil!