How to crash your car in Iceland? Be aware of these 5 signs!

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Actually, Iceland has only one main route… Route 1! The ring road goes around the whole island and is about 1330 km long. It is hard to get lost because this road connects all the villages on the island. Additionally, major attractions are by the route 1 such as Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss waterfalls. Even though it is difficult to get lost, you have to be carefully if you drive in Iceland for your first time. Luckily, Íris from Route 1 Car Rental informed me about the roads in Iceland. Of course, you cannot remember everything what you are told not to do (at least I can’t) and you have to experience the roads by yourself.

Car Rental, Route 1, Route 1 Car Rental, Iceland, Car

If it is your first time in Iceland, I would recommend to rent a car like my Suzuki Jimny, which I got from Route 1 Car Rental. Why I recommend you a 4×4 for your first time? Well, if you are not used to the “off roads” and the signs, a small SUV will save your life! So it is worth it to pay around 86€ for a day! The pick up in Reykjavik is for free and it costs 18€ at the airport, which is still much cheaper than the fee of their compeitiors.

Be aware of the following signs:

  • Single lane bridge – Only one car can cross the bridge.
  • Gravel road – Honestly, if you are not used to it, drive especially slowly. Your tires can lose grip if you are too fast.
  • Pavement changes to gravel – A gravel road is coming up. Same rules as mentioned above.
  • Danger of sudden icy conditions – As it can be really cold in Iceland, icy really means icy!
  • Blind crest – I did not like this sign. It means that you cannot see what is coming! Keep on the right side of your road.

Don’t forget that all off-road driving is illegal! During the wintertime, roads can be very icy. Reduce speed if you are not used to this. Don’t just stop on the road for a picture. There are almost every place  for taking a picture. Check conditions before you start your trip because I did not and ended up in front of a road, which is closed during wintertime. It took me 40 minutes more to get to my destination. Call 112 for an emergency. And always remember to Fasten Ur Seatbelts!

Car Rental, Route 1, Route 1 Car Rental, Iceland, Car


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