#INREACH16 – Can you pay your bills being an influencer?

Inreach 2016, Inreach16, #Inreach16, Influencer Marketing Conference, Social Influencer, Blogger, Berlin, Instagram, Inreach, Brandpunkt

Inreach 2016

Inreach 2016, Inreach16, #Inreach16, Influencer Marketing Conference, Social Influencer, Blogger, Berlin, Instagram, Inreach, Brandpunkt

On Monday, November 14th, I attend an insightful influencer marketing conference with 400 other participants. Mainly, the brands and influencer were talking about how to work together, because the market isn’t really transparent yet. Furthermore, the monetization and if a “creator” can pay its bills being an influencer were indirect topics in discussion. Nevertheless, no one did really say exact numbers. For this reason, influencer DB, ReachHearo, BrandnewIO, Collabary, and HitchOn created platforms to connect brands and influencers. Additionally, they are about to develop algorithms, which calculate an acceptable rate for both parties for a product placement, for example.

Inreach 2016, Inreach16, #Inreach16, Influencer Marketing Conference, Social Influencer, Blogger, Berlin, Instagram, Inreach, Brandpunkt

Brands, such as Adidas, Mercedes, Olympus, and Zalando showed how they do their influencer marketing. It was really impressive to see their marketing strategies and projects but they did not give insight on how they select their influencers, the criteria for selection, and what their margins are.

However, most of the brands were on the same page, that it is not always about the reach of the influencer but more about the creativity and the professionality of the influencer.

Heiko Hebig, who works at Instagram, showed the audience why people come to Instagram:

  • 64% follow friends & family
  • 50% follow interests
  • 26% follow public figures

Interestingly enough, the fashion Instagramer ,or those who are interested in fashion, are much more active than the rest. Did you know who are the TOP10 Instagram users in Germany?

  1. Toni Kroos: 9.9M
  2. Mesut Özil: 9.6M
  3. Mario Götze: 7.4M
  4. Lisa and Lena: 7.3M
  5. Bastian Schweinsteiger: 7.1M
  6. Manuel Neuer: 5.1M
  7. Bibi: 4.4M
  8. Marco Reuss: 4.3M
  9. Dagi Bee: 4.1M
  10. Jerome Boateng: 3.8M

My personal favourite was the presentation about the dump, True Fruits. Honestly, I laughed so hard during the presentation. Nicolas Lecloux, one of the founders, implied how important authenticity, humour, self-confidence, and creativity are. True Fruits invited influencers to an event called “#show me your mom”. They perceived that influencers won’t come if they would not have an original idea and they really want to know who they work with. Therefore, they thought that if they would invite the influencer and their mom, they would be more likely to come. They did not just invite the mom, they understood that the parents of an influencer do not know what their kid is doing and in addition, True Fruits, did not just talk about their product but also what an influencer does. A very original idea!

Overall, the event was very enlightening and I hope that I will be part of it next year again.


Where did I stay during my time in Berlin?

My apartment at Miniloft Apartment Hotel in Berlin was as amazing as the conference was! Truly, I was so delighted when I arrived. My next flat should look like this one! The interior design is contemporary, comfortable, unpretentious, and very stylish.

It was big enough for four people. The loft had a double bed and two sofa beds. I slept on all of them and I had a really good sleep! Moreover, it felt so urban with the huge window façade and by living right in the centre. The next tram, train, and bus station was only a minute away, as well as the main station, which was only ten minutes away by foot. Supermarkets and restaurants are right around the corner. If you need any information about what to do, just have a look at the unique and excellent guide provided by Miniloft Apartment Hotel. I should not forget to mention that the apartment was really clean!!

Miniloft Apartment Hotel Berlin, Miniloft, Apartment, Berlin Mitte, Hotel

It doesn’t matter if you are on a business trip, city trip or a family holiday, Miniloft Aprtment Hotel suits for all of you!

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