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Dec 7, 2016
During the winter time, you either ask yourself if you should go skiing or fly into the sun. That’s not the only opportunity you have

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There are loads of attractions in Iceland, which are worth the visit. However, they are all so far away from each other that it is

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The first question I asked myself when I heard about the Golden Circle: “what is the Golden Circle?” Well, just about some of the most

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Nov 29, 2016
Avoid the expensive Reykjavik and visit Hveragerði with loads of thermal baths and greenhouses. Stay in a peaceful town to nature. Hveragerði is only a

How to crash your car in Iceland? Be aware of these 5 signs!

Nov 28, 2016
Actually, Iceland has only one main route… Route 1! The ring road goes around the whole island and is about 1330 km long. It is