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13 Instagrammable Places in New York City

New York City, New York, Manhattan, Soho

Anyone who has been to New York knows that the city stands unparalleled in its magnificence. It was my fifth visit this time in New York, and as soon as I had left the airport for the city, I right away felt the NYC vibes. You know what I mean, right? A Starbucks’ mug in hand, gym clothes draped on and you almost feel like a local. 😉

There is hardly a corner that will not surprise you there, and you should definitely stick with his smartphone or his camera for Instagram or even private purposes.

For you I have summarized the best spots, which are as follows:


Although New York gives the impression that the city only consists of skyscrapers, you will often find a quiet park that invites you to linger.

Central Park

Central Park is probably the most famous and largest park in the center of Manhattan. Here you’ll find countless opportunities for a great picture. I am always happy to see the squirrels and treat myself to a giant pretzel at the entrance to the park. My pictures were taken right at the entrance to Central Park near the Apple Store.

Bryant Park

Bryant Park is located directly between 5th and 6th Avenue. It first caught my eye this time around as it was so close to our hotel, Hyatt Times Square New York. The bustle on the most famous avenue can surely cause you to move around a bit haphazardly. Many come here for a picnic or just to enjoy the tranquility. You cannot miss seeing this place in my picture.

High Lane Park

High Lane Park is just 2.33km long and was known as Güterzuggasse. The High Line always leads me to one of my favorite places in New York, the Chelsea Market. Just before the Chelsea Market, my picture was taken on the High Line. But you can always find interesting city spots if you get a view of the long streets.

New York City, New York, Manhattan, Soho,High Line


There are probably thousands you can find here. I’m a huge fan of bars with a gigantic view and guess what? I also found these for you.

Bar SixtyFive

A must visit if you are in New York is Bar SixtyFive. Once you know you’re flying to New York, do not forget to reserve a seat there in advance. It is almost always fully booked. No wonder, as it is just one floor below Rockefeller Center observation deck. Instead of paying admission, treat yourself to a delicious wine or cocktail and are, for sure, to get amazed.


Bar 54

I visited Bar54 for the first time since it was our hotel bar from Hyatt Times Square New York. It was never crowded, and the view was simply unique. Located in Times Square, you can enjoy the view of the Empire State Building on the lounge furniture with a cocktail in your hand. Through the glass wall, you also have a good view of what is happening right below you. South, of course, you can also see the One World Trade Center and even gaze towards New Jersey.


Restaurants / Cafés:

Again, there are countless options here too, but these three have been very well-suited for my Instagram feed 😉

Eataly NYC Flatiron

If you love pink, Aperol, flowers and Italian food, you should not miss the Eataly at the Flatiron. Nobody had their cell phones in pockets, and so I did not feel ashamed doing my favorite pastime (taking pictures, of course), because everything is photographed here and that too with delicious drinks and Italian delicacies.

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The Usual

The Usual has recently started offering only breakfast in Soho and is therefore still an unknown spot. While you get your breakfast, you sit in the middle of the painted streets of Soho and experience the New York feeling of being alive. (The Usual does not have a cappuccino or latte macchiato!)

Pietro Nolita

Everything is pink here! Really everything, inside or outside.

New York City, New York, Manhattan, Soho, Pietrop Nolita


Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village, the neighborhood in the west of Manhattan would surely be my home if I were to pick someplace in New York. It reminds me of a village rather than the city with the skyscrapers. Every corner between the brownstones is worth a photo.


Dumbo the Brooklyn neighborhood not only offers a great view of Manhattan but also invites you to take a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

New York, Chelsea, Fasten Ur Seatbelts, City Guide


The Soho district has for me the best shopping streets and cafes in a small space. By the way, almost every street offers a street-style picture. A little insider tip for a quick snack is the beautiful supermarket “Dean & DeLuca.”



Flatiron, also known as one of New York’s landmarks, definitely should belong in your feed. I recommend you go in the morning as it is still very empty in the corner. Directly in front of the Flatiron Building, you will also find the famous and photogenic Madison Square Park. We sat secretly in the park in the dog section and played with the dogs because we have missed ours so much. That’s how we quickly got to know the locals!


Hyatt Centric Times Square

Even our Hyatt Centric Times Square hotel, which, as the name implies, is right on Times Square, has countless nooks and crannies. Already the Times Square is worth a thousand pictures. Since we lived right in Times Square, we were already out around 7 o‘ clock and took great pictures where nothing was going on. Even at night, it is very empty. You could even go out in your pyjamas quickly for a look at the most famous intersection.

Generally, you can visit all the sights from here on foot. We were in Soho within 40 minutes, passing the Flatiron, Washington Square Park and many other attractions. 5th Avenue, Rockefeller Center and Central Park are all within walking distance.

The Hyatt is not only great because of its location, but also for its view from the rooms. One morning I got up especially at 4 am, 5 am and then 6 pm to watch the wonderful sunrise. Even out of the shower, you can see everything through the window. In the evening, I recommend you to make a detour to the hotel bar 54. Again, nothing is missing. We had breakfast at Starbucks right across the street, and our last night we could not have ended better than in the hotel restaurant.

New York City, New York, Manhattan, Soho

New York City, New York, Manhattan, Soho

New York City, New York, Manhattan, Soho

New York City, New York, Manhattan, Soho

New York City, New York, Manhattan, Soho

If you also know great photo locations in New York, let me know in the comments for my next visit 🙂

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NYC Guide: Midtown Manhattan

New York City, New York Guide, Fasten Ur Seatebelts, Annika

Central Park, Fifth Avenue, Rockafeller Center, Grand Central Station, Broadway, and Times Square come straight back to my mind when I think of our stay at the Benjamin Hotel in Midtown Manhattan. This area has not only NYC’s hottest attractions but also top panoramic restaurants and shopping spots.

Central Park, Fifth Avenue, Rockafeller Center, Grand Central Station, Broadway und Times Sqaure fallen mir direkt wieder ein, wenn ich an unseren Aufenthalt im Benjamin Hotel in Midtown Manhattan denke. Diese Gegend hat nicht nur die angesagtesten Attraktionen in NYC, sondern auch top Panorama-Restaurants und Shopping Spots.


Rockafeller Center – Do not miss the view of the New York skyline! Above all, you have only a short wait until you are up there because you get a ticket for a certain time slot. You should register for a time slot early in the morning or the day before. With the New York Explorer Pass, for example, you can choose three main attractions in New York for just € 78, avoid queues and save about 45% on the single ticket! One of our selected attractions was Top of the Rock at the Rockafeller Center.

New York City, New York Guide, Fasten Ur Seatebelts, Annika

Die Aussicht auf die New Yorker Skyline dürft ihr euch auf keinen Fall entgehen lassen! Vor allem habt ihr hier nur eine kurze Wartezeit bis ihr oben seid, da ihr ein Ticket für einen bestimmten Time Slot bekommt. Ihr solltet euch also früh morgens oder einen Tag zuvor für einen Time-Slot anzumelden.  Mit dem New York Explorer Pass könnt ihr euch zum Beispiel für nur 78€ drei Hauptattraktionen in New York aussuchen, Warteschlangen vermeiden & ca. 45% gegenüber dem Einzelticket sparen! Eines unserer ausgewählten Attraktionen war Top of the Rock im Rockafeller Center.

New York City, New York Guide, Fasten Ur Seatebelts, Annika

Bar SixtyFive at Rainbow Room – If you’d rather enjoy a cocktail and the view for less than a Top of the Rock ticket, make a reservation at BarSixty. You are only a few floors below the viewing platform and can, at the same time, be indulged culinary with a cheeseburger or lobster.

New York City, New York Guide, Fasten Ur Seatebelts, Annika

Wer lieber einen Cocktail und die Aussicht für weniger als ein Top of the Rock Ticket genießen möchte, sollte sich einen Platz in der BarSixty reservieren. Ihr seid nur wenige Etagen unter der Aussichtsplattform und könnt euch gleichzeitig noch kulinarisch mit einem Cheeseburger oder Hummer verwöhnen lassen.

New York City, New York Guide, Fasten Ur Seatebelts, Annika

HeliNY – Another great opportunity to see New York from above is taking a helicopter flight! It’s worth every cent! It takes about 25 minutes and you see the city life from above. Be part of the extraordinary sightseeing tour! We flew so close to the Statue of liberty and we saw the whole central park from above.

New York City, New York Guide, Fasten Ur Seatebelts, Annika

Aber eine andere mega coole Alternative um New York von oben zu sehen, ist ein Helikopterrundflug. Der Rundflug ist auf jeden Fall jeden Cent wert! Die atemberaubenden 25 Minuten lassen dich die Großstadt von einer ganz anderen Perspektive sehen. Ich war noch nie auf Augenhöhe von der Freiheitsstatue oder konnte den ganzen Central Park auf einmal sehen.

Central Park (the landmark of New York) – Escape the big city and enjoy the peace! In spring, summer, or autumn, you should always have something to snack on for the little rodents, the squirrels lurking everywhere, and they are very trusting.

New York City, New York Guide, Fasten Ur Seatebelts, Annika

Das Wahrzeichen von New York. Entkommt der Großstadt und genießt die Ruhe! Im Frühjahr, Sommer oder Herbst solltet ihr immer etwas zu Naschen für die kleinen Nager dabei haben. Die Eichhörnchen lauern nämlich überall und sind sehr zutraulich.

New York City, New York Guide, Fasten Ur Seatebelts, Annika

Fifth Avenue – All the names are located between 49th and 60th Streets in Midtown Manhattan.

Alles was Rang und Namen hat befindet sich zwischen der 49sten und 60sten Straße in Midtwon Manhattan.

Times Square – Those who have not even been irradiated by all the screens in Times Square and have not seen the many neon lights in the evening eclipse were not in the center of Midtown Manhattan. Here the city never sleeps! My favorite is the M & M shop in Times Square.

New York City, New York Guide, Fasten Ur Seatebelts, Annika

Wer nicht einmal von all den Bildschirmen am Times Square bestrahlt wurde und nicht die vielen Neon Lichter in der Abendfinsternis gesehen hat, war nicht im Center von Midtown Manhattan. Hier schläft die Stadt wirklich niemals! Mein Favorit ist der M&M Shop am Times Square!

Grand Central Station – Grand Central Station is one of the few historic train stations left in the United States. You’ve probably already seen it in one or two movies.

New York City, New York Guide, Fasten Ur Seatebelts, Annika

Die Grand Central Station ist einer der wenigen historischen Bahnhöfe in den USA. Ihr habt ihn bestimmt schon in dem ein oder anderen Film gesehen!


Empire State Building – Do not visit the Empire State Building and the Rockafeller Center. Just one of them! I visited both viewing platforms and really regretted visiting the Empire State Building. I was rewarded with an eternally long wait and a bad view when we finally arrived, after almost 2 hours on the first viewing platform. At Top of the Rock, you can wait a maximum of 30 minutes and have no bars in front of the camera.

Besucht nicht das Empire State Building und das Rockafeller Center. Ich habe beide Aussichtsplattformen besichtigt und habe den Besuch im Empire State Building wirklich bereut! Belohnt wurde ich mit einer ewig langen Wartezeit und einer schlechten Aussicht, als wir endlich nach fast 2 Stunden auf der ersten Aussichtsplattform ankamen. Bei Top of the Rock wartet ihr maximal 30 Minuten und habt keine Gitter vor der Kamera!

The Benjamin Hotel, New York, Fasten Ur Seatbelts

Taxi – Do not take a taxi to rush hour. With UBER or Lyft, you are always on the safe side. Most of the time, you walk faster during rush hour…..

Nehmt kein Taxi zur Rush Hour! Mit einem UBER oder Lyft seid ihr preislich immer auf der sicheren Seite! Meistens seid ihr jedoch zu Fuß schneller während der Rush Hour…..


Since we always visit everything on foot, we stayed right in the Benjamin Hotel, which is only a 10-minute walk from all attractions. Look for yourself!

The Benjamin Hotel, New York, Fasten Ur Seatbelts

Da wir immer alles zu Fuß besichtigen, haben wir direkt im Benjamin Hotel gewohnt, was maximal nur 10 Minuten zu Fuß von allen Sehenswürdigkeiten entfernt ist! Schaut selbst!

Welcome to New York – The Benjamin

Living in the middle of the “Concrete Jungle” and living like a New Yorker has always been my dream, and this dream came true last week!

The Benjamin Hotel, New York, Fasten Ur Seatbelts

Between the holidays, we made a short trip to New York City. This time, there was no waiting at the passport control, so after a 25-minute taxi ride from JFK, we arrived at The Benjamin HotelWe received a warm welcome immediately we got out of the taxi. The beautifully decorated Christmas entrance hall made my heart beat faster and I’m looking forward to our room. Within a few minutes, we were on the 24th floor of our One Bedroom Terrace Suite. Both our living room and our bedroom had a huge balcony, so I can see the exciting city life right from the top! And in the background, “Welcome to New York” by Taylor Swift was playing, of course.

The Benjamin Hotel, New York, Fasten Ur Seatbelts

We arrived in the evening and went to bed pretty quickly. I selected one pillow from the complimentary “Pillow Menu” and ordered it to our room. “Pillow Menu?” Yeah, right! I also heard about it for the first time but also had the best sleep for a long time! You can choose the right pillow for your sleep.

The Benjamin Hotel, New York, Fasten Ur Seatbelts

The next day, I was as relaxed as ever! Despite the time difference, I looked totally fresh. 🙂 In the morning, we could choose to have breakfast at The National or have breakfast delivered to our room. Of course, we tried both during our stay.
The restaurant, The National, is located right in the hotel and offers on the menu everything you need for a trendy and delicious breakfast. We definitely did not miss anything from avocado, egg benedict to pancakes. My highlight was the breakfast in bed! From the bed, I could look directly into the neighboring house on the other side of the street, which I find totally exciting. Unfortunately, almost nobody was in the office. Either everyone was free or they just do not need to work. 😉 On the street below, I was lucky enough to watch the big city life, but in our room, there was no noise.

The Benjamin Hotel, New York, Fasten Ur Seatbelts

If you do not feel like leaving the hotel, which I can understand, you get everything in the room, you can enjoy amenities such as a gym or the spa area in the hotel, and the hotel indulges you in the evening with delicacies from The National.

The Benjamin Hotel, New York, Fasten Ur Seatbelts

Even though I could spend hours on our balcony despite the cold, we were naturally on the move during the day. You cannot live more centrally in The Benjamin Hotel than in Midtown Manhattan. Rockefeller Center, Fifth Avenue, or Central Park are within walking distance from the hotel.

The Benjamin Hotel, New York, Fasten Ur Seatbelts

After a long day in the city, I was all the more looking forward to our dinner in the room. After that, I put on one of my newly purchased clothes and went down to the bar of The National to get to know the New York nightlife!

The Benjamin Hotel, New York, Fasten Ur Seatbelts

If you want to know more about our highlights, such as the helicopter flight or a dinner above New York, you should not miss my next blog post!

Einmal mitten im „Concrete Jungle“ wohnen und wie ein New Yorker leben, war schon immer mein Traum! Letzte Woche ist er wahr geworden!

Zwischen den Feiertagen haben wir einen Kurztrip nach New York City gemacht. Dieses Mal gab es auch kein langes Warten an der Passkontrolle, so dass wir nach einer 25-minütigen Taxifahrt vom JFK schon am The Benjamin Hotel angekommen sind.Kaum sind wir aus dem Taxi ausgestiegen, werden wir schon herzlich empfangen! Die wunderschön weihnachtlich dekorierte Eingangshalle, lässt mein Herz direkt höher schlagen und ich bin schon gespannt auf unser Zimmer! Innerhalb von wenigen Minuten befinden wir uns im 24. Stockwerk in unserer One Bedroom Terrace Suite. Sowohl unser Wohnzimmer als auch unser Schlafzimmer haben einen riesigen Balkon, so dass ich das aufregende Stadtleben direkt von oben besichtigen kann! Im Hintergrund läuft natürlich Taylor Swift mit „Welcome to New York“.

The Benjamin Hotel, New York, Fasten Ur Seatbelts

Da wir erst abends angereist sind, ging es auch ziemlich schnell schon ins Bett. Allerdings habe ich mir erst noch ein Kissen aus dem kostenfreien „Pillow Menu“ ausgesucht und bestellt. „Pillow Menu“? Ja, richtig! Ich habe auch zum ersten Mal davon gehört, aber dafür auch den besten Schlaf seit langem gehabt! Ihr könnt euch das passende Kissen für euren Schlaf aussuchen!

The Benjamin Hotel, New York, Fasten Ur Seatbelts

Am nächsten Tag war ich so erholt wie schon lange nicht mehr! Trotz der Zeitverschiebung sah ich total frisch aus! 🙂 Morgens konnten wir uns aussuchen, ob wir im The National frühstücken gehen oder Frühstück aufs Zimmer kommen lassen. Wir haben natürlich beides während unseres Aufenthaltes ausprobiert! Das Restaurant, „The National“ liegt direkt am Hotel und bietet auf der Karte alles an, was man für ein trendiges und leckeres Frühstück braucht! Avocado, Ei Benedikt bis zu Pancakes hat es uns natürlich an nichts gefehlt! Mein Highlight war natürlich das Frühstück im Bett! Aus dem Bett konnte ich direkt ins Nachbarhaus auf der anderen Straßenseite schauen, was ich total spannend finde! Leider war fast nie jemand im Büro. Entweder hatten alle frei oder sie brauchen einfach nicht arbeiten. 😉 Auf der Straße unten konnte ich zum Glück das Großstadtleben beobachten, aber in unserem Zimmer war kein Lärm zu hören!

The Benjamin Hotel, New York, Fasten Ur Seatbelts

Solltet ihr keine Lust haben das Hotel zu verlassen, was ich auch verstehen kann, bekommt ihr alles aufs Zimmer bzw. könnt Annehmlichkeiten wie ein Fitnessstudio oder den Spa Bereich im Hotel genießen und euch abends wieder mit Köstlichkeiten von The National verwöhnen lassen.

Auch wenn ich trotz der Kälte Stunden auf unserem Balkon verweilen hätte können, waren wir tagsüber natürlich unterwegs! Zentraler als im The Benjamin Hotel kann man in  Midtown Manhattan nicht wohnen. Das Rockefeller Center, die Fifth Avenue oder der Central Park sind nur wenige Gehminuten vom Hotel entfernt!

The Benjamin Hotel, New York, Fasten Ur Seatbelts

Nach einem langen Tag in der Stadt, habe ich mich umso mehr auf unser Abendessen im Zimmer gefreut. Danach habe ich direkt noch eins von meinen neu ergatterten Kleidern angezogen und bin runter in die Bar vom „The National“ gegangen, um auch das New Yorker Nachtleben kennenzulernen!

Wenn ihr mehr über unsere Highlights, wie ein Helikopter Flug oder ein Abendessen über New York, erfahren wollt, solltet ihr den nächsten Blogpost nicht verpassen!

The Benjamin Hotel, New York, Fasten Ur Seatbelts