Simple DIY Easter Table Decoration

Colourful Easter eggs, sweet bunnies and lots of chocolate; I love Easter! It’s not only because my birthday is in April, but also because the family gets together again after Christmas.

Just so that your loved ones won’t forget the Easter brunch at your place, I have prepared a small Easter decoration for the first time this year. You can easily recreate it.

Do it yourself Easter decoration

If exhaustive and expensive Easter decor is not up your alley, then you’re at the right place.  You can pull this beauty within a few minutes before your family reunion. In any case, you’ll need white eggs, linen napkins (would be an advantage!) and a magic marker.

First of all, you’ll need to boil the eggs for about 8-10 minutes. And if they‘re only for decoration, put them aside. Afterwards, you can carefully paint a face on the eggs with the marker pen. Another idea is to write the names of your guests on the eggs!

My eggs got a little flower wreath on the “head” because we just had them in the garden. Maybe you will find a small wreath of flowers on your next walk or in the garden. Just in case, take two or three more with you, because it doesn’t always work out on the first try.

As soon as the eggs are painted, start folding the napkins!

Just fold the napkin to form a ribbon. Put this ribbon around the egg and tie it at the top with a cord or ribbon. The two ends of the napkin should look like rabbit ears.

That’s it for all deco lovers! If you still have time to buy napkins, you will find them here. I would choose their colour depending on the plates. Slight colour contrast actually works quite well. With white or beige dishes, I would use pink or green napkins for Easter. If you are also looking for a new set of dishes, I link you to my set here.

How do you like my table decoration for Easter? Have you already planned a decoration for the Easter holidays? If so, in which style and with which colors do you decorate this year?

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