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Facts about the Chatchuchak Weekend Market

Chatchuchak Weekend Market


  • 27 Sections and 15.000 shops with goods from everywhere in Thailand (source).
  • More than 200.000 people visit the Chatchuchak Market on a day (Only Saturday and Sunday). 30% of them are foreigners (source).
  • It is open from 6am to 6pm (source)
  • I have been to several markets in Bangkok but the Chatchuchak Market is definitely the cheapest market in Bangkok with local prices (not tourist prices!)
  • Bargaining is typically at the Chatchuchak Weekend Market. Always try to get a good deal.

Behind Section 13 and 15 at the Chatchuchak Weekend Market you find almost every pet, which exists.

Use Google Maps to find your direction! Don’t miss the unique experience!