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A flight ticket to Bergamo for 5€ – Is it possible?


Normally, everyone who flies to Bergamo wants to take the bus to Milano. But did you know that Bergamo’s magnificent city is only 20 minutes away from the airport by bus? Now you know that the fairytale city of Bergamo is only a few minutes away from the Orio al Serio international airport.


How to get to Bergamo?

I flew with Ryanair at 8.30 am to Bergamo from Cologne, Germany, and my return flight was at 8.10 pm at the same day. The total price for the tickets were only 10€.

So I paid 5€ for each way!! Unbelievable! If you are not currently in Cologne, Ryanair also offers routes to Bergamo from Athens, Brussels, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Gdansk, Paris, Berlin, Budapest, Eindhoven, Warsaw, Copenhagen, Belfast, Ibiza, London, Bristol, Hamburg, Kos, Mallorca, Madrid, Oslo, Stockholm, Lisbon, Dublin and much more.

Don’t miss the beautiful alpine panorama shortly before landing!

A day ticket for the bus costs 5€ and is available in the arrival hall on the opposite of the car rental service. I recommend to buy the Bergamo card for 10€ or 15€, which lasts for 24hours or 48hours. The card includes the airport bus, all cable cars and all public transport you need. Furthermore, you will have a free entrance to many attractions and almost all museums. An excellent discount is guaranteed at affiliated places.

What to do?

I spent the whole day in the historical center of Bergamo and I immediately felt in love with the old town. The narrow romantic alleyways,  monumental churches and the view of Bergamo have been breathtaking!

Bergamo Citi Alta

  1. Your first stop should be the Porta S. Giacomo, where you can enjoy one of the majestic entrance doors and the view of Bergamo. Porta S. Giacomo Bergamo
  2. Then discover S. Maria Maggiore Basilica and the Chapel Colleoni on your way to the Piazza Vecchia.                                            Bergamo Piazza Vecchia
  3.  Have a break at bar Flora, which is next to the library. Enjoy a cup of coffee with a croissant. The croissant is filled with vanilla cream. It is very delicious and even though you are at the heart of the upper town, the prices are moderate.
  4. Don’t miss the gigantic view from the Civic Tower at the Piazza Vecchia. Civic Tower Bergamo
  5. In the afternoon, I walked through the lovely alleys to funicolare (cable car) San Vigilio. funicolare cable car
  6. In San Vigilio, I spent my afternoon in the charming restaurant Baretto San Vigilio.

restaurant Baretto San Vigilio

I had a stunning view of Bergamo from the terrace.

The menu offered a great choice of Italian dishes. I tasted a prawns salad with melons, tropea’s onions and rucola as a starter, followed by fresh pasta with clams and tiramisu. All dishes were a culinary delight. As I am addicted to desserts, I ordered a Crêpe with chocolate mousse. The service is really nice and it is a pleasure to dine out at Baretto San Vigilio!
restaurant Baretto San Vigilio

 San Vigilio