Hidden Gem in South Tyrol: Antholz

Falkensteiner Hotel Antholz, Südtirol, Antholz, Fasten Ur Seatbelts

When you enter the Antholz valley, you cannot fail to notice that Antholz is connected to the biathlon. In fact, the annual Biathlon World Championship takes place in Antholz. At the same time, on the way to the Antholz Upper valley, one is already enchanted by the unspoiled nature and the small traditional villages. Before arriving at the Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Antholz, you will feel an inner peace due to the alluring solitude.

At the foot of the Rieserferner-Ahrn Nature Park, you’ll find not only those who’re seeking relaxation and love nature but also active athletes.

Falkensteiner Hotel Antholz, Südtirol, Antholz, Fasten Ur Seatbelts

Adults Only in Antholz

If I summarize our stay in three words, they would be: secret insider tips, idyll & pure nature.

South Tyrol is and has always been a popular vacation destination, especially during the Corona time, many people escape to the nearby vacation destination. I would describe Antholz as a hidden gem. The concealed but central location does not bring many holidaymakers to Antholz.

The modern Junior Suite Deluxe with loggia in alpine style invites you to a relaxing time. Thanks to the fresh mountain air and the great view of the mountain landscape, you start the day full of energy. We were even rewarded with the sight of a clear starry night from our lounge corner several times. Also, Chuck, our French Bulldog, felt very welcome! He and we especially liked the short walk into the forest in the early morning and late evening.

A personal highlight was the ¾ pension. In the morning, we could press our own orange-carrot-ginger juice at the breakfast buffet and enjoy the view through the panoramic windows. In the afternoon, there was always a snack when we came back from our trip. Not to forget, dinner!

A very special romantic moment in itself.

Every day we were surprised anew with an unusual gourmet menu. Not to forget the pleasant and incredibly friendly service. It was always a successful end to the vacation day.


Lake Antholz

Only at about 15 minutes walking distance from the hotel is the unknown Insta-Hotspot “Antholzer See”. It is the perfect alternative to the Braieser Wildsee. You have to have your camera with you in any case.

The turquoise Antholzer See has a huge advantage – no mass tourism. Here you can still experience and photograph nature in peace, whereas Braies Lake is also only an hour’s drive away from the hotel. However, it is mostly crowded with tourists who are approached by busses.

Around Antholz Lake, you can still walk in peace without being disturbed by a multitude of visitors.

Falkensteiner Hotel Antholz, Südtirol, Antholz, Fasten Ur Seatbelts
Falkensteiner Hotel Antholz, Südtirol, Antholz, Fasten Ur Seatbelts

Biathlon Shooting

Up until now, I had no connection to the biathlon at all. So I was all the more pleased that we were able to take a few test shots (5 shots/5€) in the nearby biathlon center (about 10 minutes walk away). Did you know that the pulse is about 150-170 for a biathlete?! A little tip: Withhold your breath so you can aim better!

This will be explained again on site. I found it very, very exciting! You can also watch the biathletes training in the morning.

Falkensteiner Hotel Antholz, Südtirol, Antholz, Fasten Ur Seatbelts


Of course, there are numerous hiking trails from the hotel. The reception has the best tips, or the hotel offers guided hikes every day. Also to the sunrise!


If you just want to enjoy a day at the hotel, you can pamper your body and soul in the 1000 m2 spa area. The wellness area offers a wide range of saunas, massages and spa treatments for relaxation, regeneration, health and vitality.

Absolutely special is the heated indoor and outdoor pool, from which you have a view of the Antholz valley and the mountains.


Although the coronavirus certainly brings restrictions, we felt absolutely unrestricted during our stay at the Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Antholtz.

Due to the good organization, we felt completely safe. In the whole hotel, there is mask duty. Of course, you can take off the masks in your room as well as at your place during dinner.

Also, in the wellness area, there is good regulation. Only a certain number of people can enter the sauna. During the day, you simply enter your name in a list for the sauna times.

Basically, like everywhere else, you should keep your distance and act conscientiously.

The arrival/departure

Despite our arrival on a Saturday, it took us only 9 hours from Cologne to the Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa in Antholz. We even made a stopover at the outlet at Brenner Pass. Of course, during the pandemic, there are often border controls, and you might end up spending 1-3 hours at the border if you‘re driving during the rush hours.

Enjoy your time in South Tyrol!

Falkensteiner Hotel Antholz, Südtirol, Antholz, Fasten Ur Seatbelts

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