Month: August 2020

Staycation: Tips for a Relaxing Holiday at Home!

Even if your trip has been cancelled or you prefer to stay at home, your holiday is far from being cancelled!

Whether you’re sitting back in your garden, lounging on your balcony, just enjoying nature or are cooped up in the four walls of your house, you can have just as much fun in your free days!

Take the chance, and make the best of summer 2020. Get to know your own city better, get your home back in shape, learn new recipes, or DIY projects or just lie under the bright, warm sun.

For you, I have jotted down the best tips!

A #staycation should be planned like a holiday. Otherwise, you will fall into your daily rhythm and won’t allow yourself any time out!

City Trip at Home

Have you ever had a guided tour of your home town? Do you know all the corners? I must confess that I only know a few districts in Cologne. Get to know your city by bike or on foot. Go to the areas you haven’t been to yet and visit new restaurants and cafes.

Nature Lover

There must be a lake or a forest in your immediate vicinity. Take a trip to see fresh nature in all its glory and enjoy a sunny day with a picnic or with an entertaining book or podcast.

Holiday at Home

Why don’t you design a theme room? We picked out the online shop and could shop directly by themes such as Tropical Mood or Arty Life. So it wasn’t hard for us to find some furniture and decoration articles for our Boho Beach room.

In our comfortable bamboo armchair, I‘ve already read some books.

But of course, you can also redesign your garden! I have built up a cosy corner with candles and fairy lights. In our hammock, I often like to lie in the evening with a glass of wine and our dogs.

Meanwhile, I have also tested some DIY projects like my self-made wooden ladder, which we used as a “herb garden”.

DIY, Dekoleiter, Deco Ladder, Do it yourself, Dekoleiter selber bauen, Hänge Vase, Kräutergarten

No matter if you live alone or in several homes, your friends and family will be happy about brunch or an invitation for dinner. Try out new recipes or improve your cooking skills.

Look at the time you’re spending at home in a positive light and make the most of it. Your travel budget for next year is likely to be larger, as home vacations are usually cheaper. You don’t have to worry about missing a plane or train. But the best thing is that you can take the time to do the things you didn’t do before.