Month: August 2016

Hotel Moser – A heart for its guests and for dogs

Hotel Moser Weissensee Kärnten Techendorf

Weissensee, which covers an area of 6,5 km2,  is well known for its clear blue water and its beauty. The lovely bathing lake with drinking water quality offers optimal conditions for excellent and relaxing holidays. Weissensee, the fourth biggest lake in Carinthia, is located 930m above sea level.

Where to stay at the Weissensee?

Hotel Moser welcomes humans and dogs on the same loving and warm way. It is right at the center of Techendorf and close to SPAR (a supermarket), a bank brand and a sportswear shop. So don’t worry if you forgot something at home, you will definitely find it in Techendorf. Techendorf has the only bridge to cross the Weissensee as it is the narrowest place of the lake.  Hotel Moser has the ideal location to explore the environment of the Weissensee.

Start your day with an extensive breakfast at hotel Moser. I especially liked the healthy options such as smoothies, fruits and vegetables at the breakfast buffet. Additionally, I enjoyed squeezing my orange juice by myself. You can also cook your eggs with an egg boiler or prepare your fried egg by yourself. Trust me, you will not miss anything at the very rich breakfast buffet.

During the day, you can be part of several activities offered by the hotel. I rented an electric boat to discover the Weissensee.

Hotel Moser Weissensee Kärnten Techendorf

Hotel Moser Weissensee Kärnten Techendorf

Bikes are available too, and for free. You only have to pay a deposit if you want to have an eBike.

At hotel Moser’s own bathing beach, you will see several divers. Hotel Moser also offers a separated bathing beach for dogs. I read that a few guests complained about the dog beach but I cannot agree with it! The dog beach is perfectly created for dogs.

If you prefer to stay inside, visit hotel Moser’s gym, sauna area or swimming pool.

From 6 pm to 7.30 pm you are welcome to enjoy an exquisite five-course dinner, which always includes a delicious salad buffet.

Afterwards, you will love your comfortable and spacious room. I appreciated a wonderful view of the mountains.

Other activities

Around the Weissensee are loads of hiking or biking routes. Take the boat trip on the lake to a nearby village and walk or ride a bicycle the way back. To receive more information about all activities available, go to the tourist information across the bridge in Techendorf. I saw girls riding through the valleys, mountain bike tours, paraglider, divers and even rafting tours.

Enjoy the quietness and beauty of the nature at Landhotel Seppenbauer

Landhotel Seppenbauer Friesach St Salvator Seminarwelt

Country hotel Seppenbauer is the ideal accommodation to escape from the crowded tourist areas in Carinthia. St. Salvator in Friesach is only 35 minutes away from Klagenfurt and the beautiful Wörthersee.

At the hotel in St. Salvator, you have loads of leisure possibilities. On a rainy day, you can stay at the hotel and spend the day in your luxurious and spacious room. I haven’t slept in such a comfortable bed for a long time. The shower is also like heaven.

The gym is the place to go for those, who need to be active. Trainers will be available to answer questions or to help you with your fitness plan. You are also welcome to train on your own.

Landhotel Seppenbauer Friesach St Salvator Seminarwelt

Afterwards or even the whole day, the gigantic and exquisite sauna area will brighten your day!

Car lovers will adore the car museum. As Gerhard Porsche invested loads of his time and love in the hotel Seppenbauer, you will explore the motorized history.

Where to eat?

Breakfast is also served at the hotel. The generous buffet exceeds all expectations.

For lunch or dinner you don’t have to leave the hotel either. At the hotel’s restaurant, you get traditional and delicious Austrian food.

What to do?

  • Hiking – The hiking trail to Friesach is only 5km long. At Friesach, you will discover a wonderful historic city. You can have a mining tour or just explore the old town.
  • Leisure centre Osla – Relax at the artificial lake and appreciate the numerous leisure activities. The entry costs only 2€.
  • Hochosterwitz – Hochosterwitz is a famous castle in Carinthia and is only 25km away from the hotel.
  • Klagenfurt – Spend a day at the stunning Wörthersee. It is only a 35min drive, which is totally worth it. Around the lake you will find several public bathing beaches and leisure activities. I rented a SUP for example.

Klagenfurt Wörthersee SUP