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Activity Breaks at Manerba del Garda #ActivityBreaks.com

Manerba del Garda

During my time at Manerba del Garda, I was happy to be part of ActivityBreaks tours. ActivityBreaks offers several leisure activities at Manerba del Garda, which is located on southwestern shore of Lake Garda. The area is perfect for cycling or hiking. If you are interested in hiking, you can hike to Rocca di Manerba del Garda and visit its museum. The entry is for free. It is the perfect place for a short sit-down and buying a drink or snack. ActivityBreaks cycling tour is a perfect opportunity to explore the area and the mountains by bike.

The tour, which includes cannoning, stand up paddle-boarding and cycling, is for those who really need to feel the adrenalin.

Manerba del Garda

Are you not really interested in activities and prefer a relaxing vacation? In that case enjoy Manerba’s wine cellars and discover the lake by boat.

Another great way to get to know lake Garda is by hiring a boat for two days and spending the days on the water.

Manerba del Garda

All tours offered by ActivityBreaks include a stay at the lovely La Quiete Park hotel, which is only 50m away from the lake. Read more about it in my last article!

La Quiete Park Hotel Manerba

Limone sul Garda is only 40 minutes away from Manerba de Garda. The 40 minutes will fly by so fast because of the beautiful drive. Limone sul Garda is famous for growing lemons and other citrus fruits.

A bit further in the opposite direction, you will find Sirmione. It is one of the most famous places around lake Garda.