Off to Bangkok


  • “320€ for a return flight to Bangkok, you definitely have to go there“ – those were my thoughts two months before I actually flew to Bangkok. IMG_8447Luckily for me, Eurwings offers cheap flights to Bangkok. A direct return flight to Bangkok costs only 320€ from Cologne, Germany – this does not include food, entertainment, and luggage. If you want to take a suitcase, you have to pay around 30€ extra for each way. The entertainment program costs 9,99€ on board and menus are bookable in advance or you can buy them on board. To avoid paying 9,99€ for the entertainment program, you can download movies on your tablet. Also, every screen has a USB connection which you can use for charging your phones or tablets. The duration of this flight is around 11 hours. A handy and interesting travel guide is the Lonely Planet pocket guide about Bangkok.

Sim card

  • Buying a SIM card for my phone was the first thing I did in Bangkok. It costs around 400 Baht for 10 days and it comes with 1GB. There are several phone shops before you exit the airport.

Transport in Bangkok

  • You have several means to travel in Bangkok. I highly recommend using the UBER because the price for your trip is shown IMG_1007in advance and in my opinion, it is the cheapest possibility. It costs around 380 Baht from the airport to city center. Using Google Maps on your phone helps you find directions to your destination – it also shows you the cheapest way, which includes public transport and UBER. Taxi driver and TUK TUKs are often twice as expensive as UBER, but you have to try a TUK TUK and a river boat just for the experience!!

Bangkok Hotels

  • Tara Place costs around 35€ per night for a double room and is located in the center of Bangkok. In front of the hotel is a massage salon and a cafe. Furthermore, the hotel offers a free TUK TUK shuttle six times a day to main attractions such as the Grand Palace or Khaosan Road. The large rooms are very clean, comfortable and the WIFI is for free! In the lobby, you get coffee and snacks for free.


  • As European you don’t need an application for a visa.

If you have any questions or recommendations, leave a comment below.
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