Work with me

Content Creation

Do you want to transform your product from just being a normal product into an exciting experience? Do you want to freshen the perspective of your brand or your destination? How? Use the power of social media to connect with your target group! Let me share a more personal view of your brand, destination or product! As a social influencer, I will attract people through communicating your brand as an experience!

Digital Storytelling

  Let Fasten Ur Seatbelt’s community be part of the experience by posting about your brand/destination on its social media accounts.  

Engaging Articles

  High-resolution photos, beautiful images for social sharing and professional articles for increased engagement!  

Engaging Videos

  Travel hosting and professionally produced and edited YouTube videos. Showcase your destination through the eyes of a world traveler!  

For more information on Fasten Ur Seatbelts reach and what I can bring to your project, please contact me to request my Media Kit.

What My Partners Say:

„Reichweite ist das eine, aber Zuverlässigkeit und Professionalität sind für uns bei der Arbeit mit Influencern extrem wichtig. Mit Annika macht es wirklich Spaß zu arbeiten! Ihre unkomplizierte, fröhliche Art ist ansteckend und das spürt man auch, wenn man dem Blog folgt.“

Janni Deitenbach, Social Media ManagerinNissan

“We had a lovely experience with FastenUrSeatbelts, Annika was very clear with what she would share with her followers and was very receptive to our feedback or any requests. Her photos are great and she always referenced us in her posts – in particular her blogs about her experience are particularly fun!”

Meghan Stewart, Sales & Marketing Assistant,